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This site displays the digitized back issues of the York University Bulletin.  The publication was first titled the York University Daily Bulletin and was published five days a week by the Department of Information at York University. The first issue was published on 17 September 1968. A quick glance at the early issues shows that they communicated events and general information about York University. As of 4 September 1974, the title of the publication was changed to the York University Bulletin, and in July of 1980, the York University Bulletin was published 3 days a week by the Communications Department. The content of the publication in 1980 was very similar, highlighting general updates, campus events and the addition of staff position advertisements. As of 21 January 1986, the York University Bulletin’s banner no longer advertised its publication schedule, and the publication gradually moved to a weekly publication schedule. The format of general announcements, event listings, and the advertising of staff positions persisted.  Our holdings of the York University Bulletin end with Volume 13, Number 23 (Monday, June 14 - Monday, June 21, 1993).

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September 1992 – June 1993
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